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  • July 30, 2018

    What Does Pet Insurance Cover

    Having a pet is a great privilege, but it’s also a great responsibility. You get a friendly companion for yourself and your family. Just like any other member of your family, your pet needs a few basics things to lead a happy and comfortable life. They need sufficient nutritious food on a daily basis. They need proper shelter and warmth. They may also need medical attention every so often. One of the best ways to prepare for these health-related expenses ahead of time is to invest in pet insurance. Let’s look at some of the things that are covered in typical cat, dog, and horse insurance plans.

    Cat Insurance

    The insurance for your cat would typically cover accidental injury and broken bones which may come as a result of a cat fight or snake bite. Illnesses including minor conditions and operations would be covered. Also on the coverage list, you might find gastric torsion, tumor replacements, and hip replacements. There’s always a risk that your cat may be involved in some sort of accident or injury, and getting a good insurance policy can play a huge role in helping you take care of unexpected medical expenses.

    Many common medical conditions are not covered by many insurance policies. These conditions include routine medical care, pregnancy, and delivery, as well as grooming. Some policies are now opting to include regular preventative care and vet checkups, so it is important that you verify this with the insurance company you are interested in. There are also insurance options for cats pertaining to emergency cattery fees, payouts for deceased or missing cats, and out of state or overseas travel.

    Dog Insurance

    As with cat insurance, there are similar items on the covered and not covered lists. These types of medical or health insurance policies can cover part or all of the costs of medical expenses. Additionally, you may be interested in getting liability insurance for your dog. This would help you in the case that your dog has bitten someone and they are suing you for it. If you have a vicious dog, this might be something good to look into. Very often medical insurance for your dog does not cover dental expenses. You can get a dog dental insurance policy that would help cover the costs of keeping your dog’s teeth healthy and strong.  

    Many people are opting to take out life insurance policies on their dogs. In this case, you would get a payout in the unfortunate event that your dog dies. Another form of insurance policy you might want to consider particularly if you travel with your dog is travel insurance. This would give you medical coverage for your pet when your home policy does not cover expenses incurred out of state.

    <p>Horse Insurance</p>For horses, getting an insurance policy may be a great way to mitigate the increased risks of personal and property damage that come with owning and riding a horse. Additionally, there are medical expenses, stable costs, and maintenance costs to think about. Depending on whether you have a lot of equestrian equipment or not, you can also choose to cover this under the horse insurance policy so that if anything happens to this equipment, you can recover it or repair it. For horses that are over 15 years, you can also get a special mature horse insurance policy. <p></p>